Objectives and Golden Threads: The key values behind our work.

Dialogue Roles: Description of the roles of speaker, listener, and witnesses

Couples Potential Inventory FCE: Inventory of the strengths you have as couple.

Five Things Exercise-FCE: List is for you to share five things of your choice with your partner, taking turns.

Five Fingers Guide: Visual aid to help you keep track of five key elements during dialogue.

Guidelines for Couples: Guidelines for couples during dialogues in ongoing groups.

Poem: Marriage, Two worlds together: Poems for couples.

Relationship Inventory: General inventory of a relationship.

Interviewing Your Partner: An exercise to know your partner better.

Notes for Dialogue Self Assessment: Queries for listening, dialogue and witness.

Privacy Transparency Boundaries: Talking about privacy, transparency, boundaries with your couple.


Expresando Amor: Ejercio sobre amar y sentirse amado.