Leader Couple Training

FCE regularly offers free information sessions about our self-paced training via Zoom. Visit our EVENTS page to see when the next one is scheduled.

Friends Couple Enrichment’s ministry is carried out by Leader Couples who are called to share with others the peace and joy that lies at the heart of a committed relationship. This call is honed through training and is exercised through offering events such as workshops with the support from, and accountability to, the FCE Leader Couple community. 

For those who wish to test a call to leadership, FCE offers a self-paced training program. This training is aimed at couples who are committed to a practice of expanding intimacy in their own relationship and who can imagine sharing this with others by leading events. Events enhance understanding, deepen intimacy, and promote creative use of conflict through the teaching and practice of Couple Dialogue. 

The Leader Couple training program has three components:

1.  Preparation for Ministry, which includes:

a.    Self-paced learning modules (7) with readings, videos, reflective queries, and periodic debriefings.

b.    Observations of leader couples facilitating FCE events.

c.    Practice opportunities to present components of an FCE event.

d.    Mentoring from an experienced leader couple throughout the training.

2.  Community: being present to and participating in the life of the FCE Leader Couple community.

3.  Discernment: ongoing listening to a call to the ministry of FCE.

Before applying for the FCE Leader Couple training, a couple needs to have:

  • Attended at least one, and ideally more than one FCE event.
  • Been invited to consider training by a leader couple who has witnessed them in an FCE event.
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm for the spiritual practice of Couple Dialogue, and teaching others about it.
  • Interacted with FCE’s Training & Recognition (T&R) Committee in an information session or separate interview.

A couple may apply for training at any time. There is a $100.00 training fee, which can be adjusted as needed. Information sessions are scheduled at least annually. If you have questions or are interested in attending an interest session, please contact FCE’s Training & Recognition committee.