About Our Programs

Friends Couple Enrichment programs are open to all, regardless of marital status, gender identity/orientation, or religious affiliation. Based on Quaker principles of respect for the dignity and worth of every person, Friends Couple Enrichment has helped hundreds of couples and communities to learn communication skills and develop a deeper appreciation for each other in its over 40 years of existence.

The program uses an educational model in which participants learn and practice relationship skills, rather than a therapeutic approach to resolving specific issues. A Couple Enrichment workshop usually includes about 15 hours of program time, which can span a weekend, two consecutive Saturdays, several evenings, or another format that might be best for you.  [Read more about How to Bring an FCE Event to Your Community.]

Leader couples are trained and certified by FCE in a program that has reciprocity with Better Marriages, Inc., and participate in regular continuing education activities.

What happens in a Friends Couple Enrichment workshop?

The program can be structured to meet the needs of the group – a weekend retreat, a series of weekday evening meetings, an afternoon workshop, etc. Whatever the format, the program includes time for learning and practicing communication skills, celebrating the joys and strengths of your relationship, and learning to use conflict creatively. Leader couples use group and couple exercises and discussion to help participants to acquire and practice skills. Much of the work is done privately, but couples are invited to share some of their process with the group. Leader couples work to ensure the safety and comfort of every participant. Depending on the format and the preferences of the group, workshops also include time for rest, socializing, and worship.

Who can attend a workshop?

Any committed couple can participate in and benefit from a Couple Enrichment workshop, regardless of marital status, gender identity/orientation, or religious affiliation.

What is the cost?

Participants pay an equal share of the costs, plus a $30 per couple administrative fee. Costs can be reduced if space and food can be donated. Sponsoring groups often contribute meals, child care, etc. to make the program more accessible and affordable.

When and where are programs offered?

Each leader couple seeks to offer programs in their region (see a listing of upcoming programs under “Events“).  We are also willing to travel to bring a program to your community, and to develop a program to meet the needs of your group. Venues can include retreat centers, meetings and congregations, community centers, participants homes, etc.

Who are the Leader Couples?

Friends Couple Enrichment currently has 19 active Leader Couples across North America. Visit the page on Our Leaders to find their locations and contact information.