Wherever 4 or More are Gathered

One of the most common questions people ask Couple Enrichment Leaders is “How many couples do you need for a workshop”.

The most common answer is “If there are 4 couples interested, let’s plan a workshop.”

FCE has had workshops with as few as 3 and as many as 18 couples participating, and each Leader Couple has their own opinion on the “best” size of a group. However, if there is a core of four couples in a community who think they might be interested in a workshop (in-person or virtual), we believe it is worth starting a conversation to see if way will open.

If there are couples in your community who are intrigued but uncertain about what a workshop entails, one possibility is to ask FCE to offer a short online or in-person presentation to the community. A Leader Couple can introduce dialogue as a spiritual practice and describe what a workshop might include. Once the appetites are whetted, FCE could continue to partner with your community to organize a workshop that meets your needs.

Intrigued? Start the conversation by Email FCE’s Ministry & Outreach Committee.

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